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My Schooling

February 10 2021

HiSET (High school Equivalency Test)

During my sophomore year, I made the decision to leave my public high school and take the HiSET tests in order to pursue my own passions and interests. This allowed me to focus on my personal goals while still maintaining my academic responsibilities. Through this experience, I developed strong time-management and self-motivation skills that have continued to serve me well. My HiSET diploma and scores can be viewed in the PDF here.

January 2022 - Present

Computer Science, Northern Essex Community College

Driven by a passion for creativity, exploration and technology, I have started in my pursuit of a Computer Science Degree at Northern Essex Community College. My coursework in programming and software development have allowed me a new avenue to express myself and I am excited to apply my knowledge and creativity to make a positive impact within the exponentially growing field of computer science and art.

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